Wultimate is a 3-D multiplayer ultimate frisbee game. Run, jump, pass, and lay out just like real ultimate.
Play by yourself in practice mode, challenge the computer, or play against an opponent over the Internet.
Please send comments, problem reports, or suggestions to wultimate@brokenultimate.com.

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System requirements:
New features in version 1.3:
New features in version 1.2:
New features in version 1.1:
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Downloads: Installation:
To use a background, extract the contents of the .ZIP file into your Wultimate folder. Wultimate will automatically find the background and use it. (Version 1.2 and later)

Creating your own background:
Simply create the four required 24-bit .BMP files:
side01.bmp and side02.bmp - Must be 1024x256.
end01.bmp and end02.bmp - Must be 512x256.